We the undersigned organizations and individuals, pledge not to buy, grow, sell or use genetically modified GMO Grass.

We all want to protect our children and the planet from harmful toxins.  Currently, there is no US government regulation of GMO grass.  Scotts Miracle Gro. Co. is planning on launching Round Up Ready Blue Grass which will increase the usage of Round UP (glyphosate) in our communities.  If this happens, the health of our world and communities will be in jeopardy as we open a Pandora’s box of proliferating, uncontrollable genetically engineered plant material.  Once we let this material into our environment it cannot be contained.  If the GMO grass is released, usage of Round Up which causes inflammation, cancer, endocrine and neurological damage will explode exponentially.  Our lawns surrounding our homes and schools will become toxic, chemical zones.  Furthermore, unsuspecting animals will be affected and our grass fed beef supply may be in jeopardy.

With the rejection of GMO grass by organizations, we can have a gmo and toxin free community where our children and families can play safely.  We can draw the line in the sand and say that we don’t want any more GMOs or toxic Glyphosate in our environment.  We can have a GMO Free Planet and a GMO Free USA!

Ellen McCormick

Ellen in Weston, CT


Deirdre of Weston Sustainability Committee in Weston, CT

Laura Sinaguglia

Laura of Wise Seeds of Learning in Windsor , CT


Sharon of GMO FREE HAWAII ISLAND in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

maria hoffman

Maria in Setauket, NY


Barbara in Corvallis, Oregon


Irwin in Laurel, MD


Sophia in San Antonio TX

betty ann beam

Betty Ann Beam in Milton Mills


David in Rochester NH